Bernice Burgos, 38, may be moving on from her former reported relationship with T.I., 38, but she’s still yearning for his personality traits and it’s leading her to look for a new beau that is similar to the rapper! “Bernice has never gotten over T.I., she thinks about him all the time and still has a crush on him,” a source close to Bernice EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “That’s why she feels like, if she can’t have him, she wants someone just like him. Bernice is looking for a sexy, successful rapper or even an athlete that will treat her like a princess, the way she feels she deserves to be treated.”

Although Bernice is willing to move on with someone else, she still posts flattering pics of herself to her Instagram to try and get T.I.’s attention despite the fact that he seems to be working things out with wife Tameka “Tiny” Harris, 43. “Even though she knows they can’t be together, Bernice still posts sexy pics on her social media all the time hoping T.I. is watching,” the source continued. “She is trying to lure a man like T.I. and she gets jealous knowing that he remains dedicated and loyal to Tiny. Bernice feels like she can only hope that if she keeps posting sexy pics, she will find her own loyal guy one day just like Tiny found T.I.”

While she continues anticipating a loyal guy of her own, it turns out Bernice’s tactic of posting sexy pics to get T.I.’s attention may actually be working. Another source previously told us that he’s very much aware of the photos and they’re affecting him in more ways than one. “T.I. still checks Bernice’s Instagram page all the time and it drives him crazy,” the source EXCLUSIVELY told us back in Nov. “He thinks she looks amazing and her last few sexy pics have been really turning him on.”

It will be interesting to see where 2019 beings both Bernice and T.I. but time will surely tell!

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